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Why People Do Business with Thomas A. Ren

How is Thomas A. Ren, different than my brokerage firm?

Have you ever felt that your stockbroker was calling you to buy or sell a stock mainly to make a commission? Worse, have you ever seen a transactions on your statement that you did not authorize?

Thomas A. Ren, is not a stockbroker, he is a Registered Representative whose primary goal is to potentially increase your income, lower your taxes, and protect your assets for generations to come.

All brokerage accounts are held at National Financial Services. Even if you choose to work with me on an hourly or percentage basis, you never make a check payable to me personally. Your check is always made payable to the specific Investment Firm, or in case of Insurance, an Insurance company. I never take custody of your funds and your funds are never co-mingled with mine.

What Can I Offer That Other Investment Advisors Do Not?

One of my many specialties is dealing with investors problems. I do not pretend to know everything. I do, however, know about the financial risks and opportunities of retirees and accumulators.  Many people think that a living trust removes estate taxes; this is not true. Many people do not realize that there are 2 assets that are double taxed at death; I show my clients how to avoid that. Most people believe that the sale of real estate is a taxable event; I know ways to avoid those taxes. I focus on areas overlooked by most stockbrokers and accountants who simply are only aware of the basic methods of saving taxes and investing. I often use methods that are less commonly known (yet well documented) and provide multiple benefits to my clients.

Investors looking for a way to invest and better solutions to preserve their principal are those that use the services of Thomas A. Ren, Are There Benefits To Working With An Independent Financial Advisor?

Tom and his firm are dedicated to helping clients build, manage, and preserve their assets through comprehensive financial planning*, based on investment* and insurance products and services. His focus is on Investment*, Retirement, Tax, and Estate planning including various tax-reduction strategies.

As an Independent Advisor* Tom has the ability to search the market place for the products and services available for each client's specific needs. Clients receive the professional recommendations, technical assistance, and personal service needed to help them potentially achieve their objectives within their desired time frame. Tom strives to understand each individual's financial goals, priorities and needs, then creates a custom, personalized, individual plan to fit each unique set of circumstances.

Call (303) 215-1313 or e-mail @ to schedule your no-cost, no-obligation review and to better understand what you need to do to accomplish and potentially reach all your financial goals.

Outstanding personal service and a commitment to excellence have built a solid client base for Tom, largely through referrals from other  clients.