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Financial Planning is for Everyone

Financial planning* is no longer a service provided only to just the wealthy. People of all income levels now recognize the need to develop a comprehensive financial plan* through a well-rounded, comprehensive plan that has been specifically designed to fit each clients specific goals, priorities and means within their desired time frames.

At BULL & BEAR Financial Outfitters "guide to your financial freedom" we don`t create our clients` goals because of product availability, we select products designed to meet our clients` individual financial needs. Remember, it's what's in it for you!

Tom Ren is a trained professional with experience in mutual funds, stocks, bonds, annuities, insurance, money market funds, real estate, tax-advantaged investments, and other assets*. Tom has worked with every aspect of the financial spectrum, including numerous investment options, taxation, estate planning, cash management, and insurance.

Personalized Plans: Providing Financial Flexibility

A continuously changing world has resulted in economic upheaval both nationally and globally. Staying ahead of these changes requires expert analysis, interpretation, and action. We feel we have the unique ability to assist most individuals and businesses in determining their financial objectives and obtaining them during their desired time frame.

BULL & BEAR Financial Outfitters offers the experience to evaluate a client's current situation in light of present and future economic changes. This analysis is coupled with the wide variety of products available through Securities America, Inc, resulting in a financial program that is tailored to address each client's individual needs. Securities America, Inc is a member of FINRA and SIPC, and a registered broker dealer in all 50 states.

Access to all stock and bond markets is made possible through Securities America Inc's fully-disclosed clearing firm, National Financial Services. Tax Advantaged Investments, Income and Growth Investments, Annuities, and Direct Participation Programs are also available from numerous quality sponsors.*

Securities America Advisors , Inc, is registered as an investment advisory firm, and offers comprehensive money management programs. SFS has succeeded in making these investment programs available to almost everyone. Mutual funds, variable annuities, and variable life insurance products can be put under money management in an attempt to maintain proper asset allocation.  These programs come with additional costs and expenses and you should understand the program before you invest.

A Complete Plan: The Key to Financial Security

The financial services offered by BULL & BEAR Financial are well diversified and the necessary steps are taken in pursuing financial independence. Some steps are designed to assist in the overall implementation and review process of the client's current financial plan. While other options are intended to inhance the plan after it is implemented.

Some planners may simply write a plan that the client has to implement on on their own. Or, the planner may plan and implement, but not explain in proper detail what the plan actually includes. We ultilize an educational approach, so that you have a very strong first hand understanding of what we're recommending and more importantly why.

At Bull & BEAR Financial, your concerns, goals, priorities and options are discussed in detail before a plan is developed. Once a plan is approved, by you, your planner implements it*. Following implementation, the client is kept abreast of market changes and other economic issues which results in an individualized approach toward the client's personal financial goals and priorities. Remember, it's what's in it for you! 

Financial Planning Services and Products*

While some members of the financial planning profession provide only a portion of a comprehensive plan, BULL & BEAR Financial believe that there are four elements necessary in the pursuit of financial security. 

EDUCATION: The initial no-cost, no-obligation, consultation with your financial planner is an exciting, interesting opportunity that covers the key areas of investments* along with money management* your goals and priorities. It is designed to provide you with knowledge, and information about money matters. The first meeting also prepares you to work more effectively with your financial planner and better use their professional services. Finally, this meeting gives the planner the opportunity to start building a strong working relationship with you. Remember, it's what's in it for you!

FINANCIAL PLANNING*: After gathering and analyzing the client's financial data, a comprehensive plan with specific financial goals are developed in writing, creating the foundation of the client's financial plan. The financial planner then works with the client in developing their specific plan to attain their goals within their desired time frame. Financial planning is a process, not a transaction by which a family's current and future assets are directed toward the attainment of specific, prioritized goals. As the head coach of your financial team, your planner will also coordinate with other professionals (tax advisors, attorney's etc.) to execute a plan that is of benefit to your family, hopefully for generations to come. Remember, it's what's in it for you!

PLAN IMPLEMENTATION: Once the financial planner has reviewed the goals and evaluated the multitude of products available to work toward those goals, also taking your priorities into account a specific plan is presented to the client for review, discussion, and approval. When the client is satisfied with the plan, the financial planner handles implementation through Securities America Advisors, Inc. 

CONTINUED MONITORING & REVIEWS: The BULL & BEAR Financial provides for periodic review of each client's financial plan*, analyzing and making adjustments in light of current circumstances, a solid foundation allows for a flexible plan. If the client agrees on the specific changes recommended to the plan, they are made by the planner. Remember, it's what's in it for you!