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Why work with an independent financial planner ????

If you're like some investors, you've possibly had a bad experience working with an investment firm. Agents and brokers who may only want to sell you the "hottest investment". Agents and brokers who may try to pigeon-hole you into an investment that has absolutely nothing to do with your long-term goals or risk tolerance. Agents and brokers whose only concern is their giant commission. . When was the last time your agent or broker called you? When was the last time your agent or broker actually sat down with you to make sure that your investments are meeting your expectations? Do they truly have your best interests in mind? Do they really want to help you? Do they actually do anything with your account - or does it just sit there - since you're not one of their "top 20% investors". And let's not forget about the high turnover rate at some investment firms ... why does it seem like that every time you call - surprise - you have a new broker?! It's not surprising that so many people don't trust most firms with their hard earned money.

There may be better alternatives to manage your money and investments and build wealth for your future. You can have a clear, concise, and easily understood road map that shows you exactly how to reach your retirement goals. You can have all of your questions and concerns addressed and all of your phone calls returned. You no longer have to put up with someone pushing you into an investment that you aren't comfortable with or you don't completely understand. You no longer have to be boxed-in by the small selection of investment options offered by most firms. You can have your account actively managed - making sure that everything is on track and inline with your goals. Imagine, being treated with the highest priority - even if you are not the wealthiest client, with the biggest investment portfolio.

If all this is possible, why am I not doing it? There could be a number of reasons why you haven't found the solution to your money management and investment needs. Fear of the unknown, procrastination, not knowing who to call, not knowing who to trust, fear of losing money; and maybe you don't even understand this whole investing thing. All of these can keep you paralyzed, wanting to handle everything yourself, or worse yet - doing nothing at all.

The solution: work with an INDEPENDENT financial planner.* When you work with an independent firm, you have someone on your side, working for you, to help you pursue your financial goals. You'll never be pressured or forced into an investment that is not right for you, simply because it's the only investment option the company offers, or because it's the latest "hot trend". Our independent firm has no outside influences - our only concern is you. Plus, an independent firm can go anywhere and get almost any product on the market. .*

Bull and Bear Financial Outfitters is the independent firm you can trust.* Tom Ren helps clients - from those with a very sizable asset base, to those just starting out - pursue their financial goals and create wealth. Bull and Bear has survived high and low markets and actually has the potential to make money in each type of market. Bull and Bear prides itself in a non-traditional approach to money management and investing*. Tom's clients are investors who are looking for the edge and experience Tom provides. Tom focuses completely on his client's financial goals and dreams - not just for a few years, but for the long haul. Give Tom a call at (303) 215-1313 for a complementary one-hour consultation. He will sit down with you and determine if it's a proper fit to work together. If you're fed up and tired of the way most investment firms operate or treat you, see why hundreds of others have turned to Bull and Bear Financial Outfitters to pursue their financial freedom.