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Here at BULL & BEAR Financial Outfitters, "guide to your financial freedom," we are always committed to providing our clients with impeccable service; striving to be at our best for you. I have taken a major step in continuing with that commitment:

  • Crown Capital Securities, L.P. is my current broker/dealer. They offer a wide menu of financial products and services and will provide me with the support needed to assist you in your financial needs*.
  • This new arrangement will allow us to bring additional services and opportunities to you, our valued client. I wish to assure you that this new relationship will not adversely affect your accounts or relationship you hold with individual companies. We will continue to work together to pursue your financial goals*.

*Securities offered through Crown Capital Securities, L.P. Member FINRA/SIPC.  Advisory Services offered through Crown Capital Securities, L.P. Bull & Bear Financial Outfitters and Crown Capital Securities, L.P. are separate companies.