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Thomas A. Ren, is an independent financial advisor-planning* consultant who specializes in assisting investors to protect their financial assets and their standard of living.

Services Provided:

Investment* & Tax Management - His priority is to bring value to your relationship, "It's what's in it for you" that counts the most to him. He wants to help you potentially increase and protect your income and assets. He specializes in determining your appropriate risk tolerance and matching investment* solutions to your specific needs, including outstanding customer service. He utilizes a wide range of products and services that include Mutual Funds*, Individual Stocks & Bonds*, Retirement Planning, 401(k), IRA's, 412(i), Educational 529 Plans* and Tax Planning investments, along with many specialty investments. Are your accounts being managed on a daily basis versus the traditional buy & hold method? If not contact Tom to learn more.

Annuities and Insurance -  To tax shelter assets and defray taxes. All guarantees are based upon the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company. Call Tom's office at (303) 215-1313 to learn more.

Estate Planning - I educate and explain to you how to avoid estate taxes, which are paid by single people and couples. Even if you have a living trust you will still pay estate taxes unless you take specific steps to avoid them.

Long Term Care Protection - I act as a broker (not a sales person) to find the best coverage within your budget for long term care protection. A family's wealth can be destroyed without proper coverage. Have you reviewed this lately?

Thomas A. Ren, educates people about their alternatives and then assists them in implementing a plan with proper solutions. His firm regularly holds seminars and workshops around Colorado's front range. Seats are usually free, please call 303.215.1313 for the time and location of upcoming events, or look under "event calendar" on the home page.

Please phone, fax, or e-mail us today with questions, or to better understand the benefits of how we can assist you. There is never a charge or any obligation for an initial consultation.

Phone (303) 215-1313, Fax (303) 200-8869, E-mail